The Problem

The current communications and operations between hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis clinics with private ambulance transportation companies, lack consistent and transparent communication throughout the execution of transportation of a patient.

  • A Patient Needs a Ride

    Sometimes a patient will need a ride between facilities, a ride to an appointment or a ride home.

  • Finding the Right Partner

    The healthcare provider is unsure who the correct contracted partner for the specific vehicle is.

  • Healthcare Provider Requests a NEMT

    After the correct vendor has been contacted, the requesting vendor has no insight as to where, when, or who is picking up their patient.

  • No Way to Track the Patient

    Once the patient is picked up from a nursing home or hospital there is no way for the hospital to track their patient.

The Solution

 “JoinETA.com is a collaborative contract management system, developed to help provide transparency and real-time feedback to the Non-Emergent Transportation (NEMT) industry.  By bundling advanced vehicle location, fleet management, and dispatch capabilities, our platform will reduce the amount of software and hardware providers have to use in order to operate their day-to-day business. Our networked dispatch system reduces phone calls and provides partners with a visual for the patient’s location and the estimated time of arrival of their requested transportation.”

Eric Vogl II
Co-Founder & CEO

How it Works

Our Dashboard

Our dashboard was created to help keep all administration up-to-date, in real time as to all the metrics that they want to track. To start, there are only three widgets which are tracking all dispatched functions. It is our goal to work with our customers in order to build out more widgets that would be valuable to their organizations.

We see the greatest value our dashboard brings to our customers is providing a way to access real-time metrics on how their transportation vendors are performing. With the data that is provided through our platform, our customers and their vendors can have more productive and pointed conversations regarding how to better serve their customers
transportation needs.

Laptop Dashboard


Know the Location

Transparency is important. The ability to answer the question “Where is my ride?’ Or “How much longer?” is invaluable. With our platform, as soon as transportation is requested, you are always in the know. With our real-time map view, both the transport agency and the requesting agency will be able to follow every stage of the transport’s life cycle.

Know Who’s Coming

Our platform will allow requesting agencies and customers to know who is coming to get them. Not only will you be able to see what company they work for, but you will be able to know who the driver is.  Our goal is to provide better patient comfort by allowing our requesting agencies to know that “Tim” is coming to get them instead of just saying “your ride will be here shortly”.

Stay Networked

One of our core values is to ensure that customers are not just working together, but they are “networked” together. We believe that by creating a network it will help all parties to provide a better customer transportation experience.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Friendly

We have built a responsive web platform. Meaning that no matter what device you use to request transportation you will be able to have the information you need at your fingertips, in a user-friendly format.

Step 1

Join the Network

Nursing Home


Transportation Service

Step 2

Connect with Customers based on Transportation Needs

  • Hospital

    Wheelchair van or ambulance requested

  • Transportation Service

    Receives the request and dispatches the appropriate vehicle

  • Notification

    Wheelchair van or ambulance request notification

Hospital / Nursing Home

Request desired transportation. May request on any device.

Transportation Service

Transportation request is sent to the vendor. Vendor assigns vehicle. Location notifications are sent throughout the entire process.

Step 3

Dispatch with ease to your Contracted Partner

We have eliminated the need to pick up the phone.

Who We Can Help

  • Private Transport Providers

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

By developing a cost-effective technical solution we can now bring transparency into the NEMT market. joinETA.com’s goal is to ensure that every networked partner that joins our network has the ability to run the most successful transportation business possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a contracted partner to my joinETA.com network?

Now that you’ve contracted with a fellow joinETA.com network partner, it is time to connect.  You will need to request your partner's unique company ID, which can be found in their account section or the top of the left-hand side of the drawer.  Once they have provided you with their unique ID, all you will need to do is click on the plus button located at the bottom right-hand side of any page and click on “Add a partner”. You will input your partner's ID and search. Once the system has found your partner, you will need to select the vehicles that you have contracted them with and then hit send.  Your partner will be notified of your request, once they accept you will be connected, and they will be able to dispatch calls to your origination.

Can I dispatch a call for my own organization?

Yes, you can dispatch to your own organization by selecting the “self-dispatch” toggle switch in step 1 of the dispatch form. Once you complete the rest of the form, the call will show up in your dispatch center and you will be able to assign to the vehicle of your choice.

How does the driver of the vehicle know where to go?

When a transportation request is assigned to a vehicle, the pickup, drop off and patient information is all visible to the driver.  The Driver will first “accept” the call. This will, in turn, show the driver the route to the pick-up location. Once at the pick-up location, the driver will hit the “arrived on site” button. Once the patient is safely loaded into the vehicle, the driver will click the “en route to final destination” button which will, in turn, show them the route and navigate them to their destination. Once the call is completed the driver will click on the “completed” button and be taken to his next call for the day.

Does your system provide notifications?

Yes, our platform was designed to provide clear and transparent communication between contracted vendors. Both parties always want to be keep kept up to date with all information relating to their requests.  Notifications include but are not limited too; a new call request, call request has been dispatched, the ride has been accepted, arrived on site at pick up location, en route to final destination and transport completed.

Will I be able to see the vehicle on a screen to know when the vehicle will arrive?

Yes! When you log into your joinETA.com account, you will see a section titled “real-time tracking” When you click on this feature, you will be taken to a map view. You will be able to see any of your own organization’s vehicles (and last known locations) as well as any vehicles from contacted vendors that are currently on a transport that you’ve requested from them.

How do I add an employee?

Click on the plus button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, and then click on “add an employee”, a form will pop up. Upload their company approved picture, fill out their general information and set their platform preferences.  Click on save and you will have a new employee within your employee center.

How do I know if a vehicle is active and a driver is logged in?

When you click on your vehicle center you will see a list of all your vehicles. If a vehicle is green in color that means that vehicle currently is active and has a driver logged into it.  If the vehicle is orange, that means the vehicle has been active within the last 24 hours and if the vehicle is grey, this means the vehicle has never been activated.

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